' Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery - Laura Mountain

Laura Mountain

Native to Arizona, Laura has always been inspired by her surroundings. Traveling throughout the southwest in search of insight, her artistic expressions are a true reflection of her experiences. Her natural, rustic style and attention to detail are what make her art so unique and appealing.

Mainly self-taught as an artist, Laura has been involved in creative activity for the past 30 years. Beginning with a career in the commercial/graphic arts industry, she has since evolved into fine crafts and painting. She has a Native American Cherokee ancestry, and her love of the natural world and spiritual devotion are echoed in her art.

Laura feels it is important that the materials used are as genuine and as natural as possible. Hand crafted arrowheads, shells, feathers, and various trade beads are hand sewn, wrapped and tied with sinew. Ground earth pigments are mixed with natural bases and oils to produce her paints. She feels that natural resources lend a sense of authenticity to her one-of-a-kind works.