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Lucas Reed, Head Winemaker, Vineyard Management, Court of Master Sommeliers

"I am not here to merely make a living. I am here to enable the vineyard and wines to evolve, with vision, spirit and hope of achievement. I am here doing what I love, enriching the vines, create amazing wines and to carry on our traditions."

Lucas is second generation here at Javelina Leap Vineyard, Winery & Bistro. Lucas was taught with a hands on approach from parents Rod and Cynthia as well as other mentors and professionals in the wine making industry. Involved from the humble begingings in 2003 Lucas worked many crushes and harvests througout the years while attending Arizona State University and receiving his Degree in Business Management. Lucas came on to the Javelina Leap team full time in 2016 and hopes to pass the torch to his young sons, Emmett & Julian, one day. You can find Lucas daily tending to the vineyards, working with the wines in the cellar, or sharing stories of our wines and history with guests in the tasting room. 

Lucas Reed winemaker at Javelina Leap

harvest at Javelina Leap

Cynthia Snapp, Winemaker & Co-Owner Founder

“I’ve always believed in doing what you love and loving what you do. It’s my passion that drives me forward. I learned to make wine just like a chef learns to cook... by doing it! I don’t use the same written formula each harvest. Nothing is set in stone. Decisions are based on the condition of the fruit… each year is different.”

Owner & Winemaker Cynthia Snapp has 25+ years in the Sedona/Verde Valley. Cynthia credits her European roots for her drive and strong sense of sustainability. Working side by side with Rod since the conception of Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery, she shares Rod’s passion and vision. For the past 10 years, Cynthia has been involved in planting, pruning, harvesting, bottling and making wine in the Verde Valley. Working with Rod, she learned basic wine making and lab skills from the ground up and soon her inner winemaker began to shine through. Hard work and passion for the craft coupled with a refined palate elevated Cynthia to head of winemaking and is now one of the top winemakers in the State of Arizona. Cynthia’s winemaking skills have led Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery to many national (San Francisco Chronicle Wine competition) and international wine awards.


 Cynthia Snapp winemaker at Javelina Leap

Rod Snapp, Owner, Founder, Director of Operations

“This is my dream and the ever evolving masterpiece of my life”

Rod Snapp is the Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery founder, owner and director of winemaking and vineyard growing. Rod is one of the leaders and original pioneers in the northern Arizona wine industry. A resident of Arizona for over 35 years, Rod is an entrepreneur whose roots go deep into the Sedona community. His experience and passion for the culinary arts go hand in hand with wine and this evolved into a dream of establishing his own Arizona vineyard and winery. Eventually this dream led Rod to a 6 year enology & viticulture apprenticeship and the purchase of 10 1/4 acres of sloping, volcanic hillsides in Page Springs, Arizona. Dreams do come true!  2020 marked Rod’s 21st year in the Arizona wine industry.


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