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Wine Club

Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery Wine Club was created to give friends and enthusiasts of Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery personal access to this unique estate with a historic natural setting. Wine Club members have the opportunity to purchase exclusive releases, advance purchases, large format and library wines. Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery wine club allocations are shipped in Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery members will receive the wine club newsletter with insider details, pairings, recipes, special offers and information on upcoming events.

Javelina Wine Club Membership

No additonal annual membership fee!
There are of 4 levels of Javelina Leap Vineyard & Winery Wine Club membership, 3, 6, or 12 bottles of handcrafted Arizona wines. The wine club wines are chosen by the winemakers and our knowledgeable. These Arizona wines are produced in small quantities and availability is very limited. Members will receive discounts on all bottled wine. 3 bottle members recieve 10% off, 6 bottle members recieve 15% off and 12 bottle members recieve 25% off. 

Our newest Wine Club level is 'Cru De Javelina'. Our Sparkling (méthod champenoise or traditional method) category. It is a very labor intensive process as the bottles are riddled and digorged by hand. Winemaker Lucas Reed is making Arizona history winning back to back gold medals with his premier batch. Join Cru de Javelina and share in the historic moment.

The “Something Old & Something New” Collection, 2023 Fall Wine Club Allocation

Head Winemaker Lucas Reed

2021 Merlot

Wild raspberry, Madagascar vanilla. Dry yet wonderful minerality mouth feel, distinct to Skull Valley, Arizona, are exceptionally elegant and smooth.  “Javelina Leap’s first Merlot released to wine club since our 2014 Double Gold Award Winner.”

2021 Coulee Cuvee

Currant & cream with a velveteen body finishes proper and polite on even the most discerning of palates. 40% Sangiovese 40% Barbera 20% Petite Sirah. “Javelina Leap’s first ever coulee “lava tube ravine” cuvée blend. Absolutely fabulous and a joy to share with others during the holidays.”

2021 Tempranillo

Toast, molasses, exotic blackberry with a soft, sophisticated spanish leather aroma. “A true contender for Arizona wine of the year. The gold standard for Javelina Leap’s pure varietal line.” 

Billing will take place October 12th. Your wines will be ready to pick up that weekend starting October 14th. We will be shipping wine October 26th. (Please contact our Wine Club Director, Kim @ javelinaleapvineyard@gmail.com if you need to make any changes to your allocation or account 10 days prior to our billing date).

Prospector - 3 Bottles

  • 3 Bottles / Shipment

Recieve 3 bottles in Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall.

  • 10% Discount on all bottles
  • Quarterly wine tastings for two
  • Exclusive access to new pre-release wines
  • Exclusive invites to 4 fun and unique allocation ‘pick up’ events
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Cru de Javelina

  • 2 Bottles / Shipment
  • Bi annual allocations
  • 25% off sparkling.
  • Complimentary J.L. logo champagne glass.
  • 2 complimentary glasses of sparkling wine quarterly
  • Pre-release access to new wines
  • Invites to all wine club events 
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Pioneer - 6 Bottles

  • 6 Bottles / Shipment

Recieve 6 bottles in Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

  • 15% Discount on all bottles
  • Quarterly comped tastings for you and a guest
  • Complementary logo corkscrew
  • Exclusive access to new pre-release wines
  • 2 free tickets to any event
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Founder - 12 Bottles

  • 12 Bottles / Shipment

Recieve 12 bottles in Winter, Spring, Summer & Fall

  • 25% Discount on all bottles
  • Quarterly wine tasting for two
  • Complementary logo corkscrew
  • Complementary tastings all year for 2
  • Exclusive access to new pre-release wines
  • Complementary tickets to all events
  • Exclusive, complementary & annual ‘Chill’n with the Wine- makers’ event
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