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Bistro Menu

Bistro Hours 11AM-5PM Daily

Enjoy combinations of hand picked dishes creatively selected and arranged by Chef Gisele Frazeur. Pair them with your favorite Javelina Leap wines now served by the bottle or glass in the Javelina Leap Arizona Room or in the private patio garden. Relax, listen to music and catch up with friends and loved ones.

Our Chef

Gisele Frazeur joined our Javelina Leap team 3 years ago and is now our head Chef.

Her career began as an artisan bread baker in Los Angeles where she lived for 30 years. She eventually went on to own her own company ‘Fougasse Artisan Breads’, where she won several awards for her creations.

Ready to leave the big city, she came to Arizona with hopes to find a place where she could become part of a more intimate team allowing her to really develop her creative food passions.

After a long, successful history in LA she wanted to use her time there as the inspiration for our new menu. Items like the decadent ‘Inigo Montoya’ pizza is all about the robust flavors of Spain, and the popular ‘The Big Easy’ pizza pulls together Italian delicacies paying homage to the ‘Muffuletta’, made famous by Italians in New Orleans.

Gisele has taken her love of Mediterranean cuisine and paired it perfectly with our dry wine selections for not only our menu but event banquets as well.

Currently, she is quite busy creating her own cookbook and working on her new company ‘Diggin Duncan’, where she makes artisan dog treats for our beloved canines. Make sure to pick up her ‘Wuffy Waffy’ gourmet dog treats available in the tasting room!

We invite you to visit us here at Javelina Leap Winery & Bistro and enjoy beautifully paired gourmet fare with our award-winning dry wines and experience a little taste of the Mediterranean, here in the desert…hope to see you soon.




Chef’s select imported and domestic meats and cheeses. Served with house made jam, compound butter and spreadable cheese. Includes Seasonal items such as guava, artichoke, and roasted garlic. Accompanied by local breads from Fougasse Artisan Breads.


Served with Javelina cheddar pub cheese sauce and a Chardonnay apricot mustard. 


Caprese - Roasted tomato, buffalo mozzarella & parmesan, baked and topped with organic basil and balsamic reduction.

Gourmet Pepperoni - House marinara, buffalo mozzarella & smoked gouda with imported aged pepperoni. Topped with shaved parmesean and organic basil.

Inigo Montoya- Prepare to dive into a celebration of the flavors of Spain. Features Romesco sauce, grilled spring onions, roasted grapes, Spanish cheeses, argula and candied walnuts.

The Big Easy - This pizza celebrates New Orleans by paying homage to the Muffuletta sandwich. A decadent mixture of basil cream sauce, Genoa salami, Tempranillo mushrooms, muffuletta olive salad and asiago cheese.